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What We Do


” Many thanks to Nick for the excellent coaching! Honestly, the two days we spent together really made a difference. In some perverted way I was even able to enjoy my stage time (presenting) ”

” What a learning experience! Brilliant two days. Excellent tips and constructive feedback. ”

” Amazing, I learnt many things and I know I'm doing a better job. ”

The Perfect Pitch

People often tell us they ‘can't do’ public speaking. Until, that is, they notice they can

Our training motto is 'Plan, Practice, Believe' We will show you how to plan your communication, practice your delivery with the aid of some simple tools and techniques, and find the confidence to deliver your message in a competent and compelling way.

Successful presenting is not about trying to mimic the traits of great speakers like Martin Luther King or Barack Obama; it's rather about finding your own voice. We will help you to deliver powerful, impactful, believable messages with your unique strengths in mind.

' As with any of those important moments in our lives, we have to plan adequately for them and learn to trust ourselves. '

Our Approach

Our training is hands-on and interactive. We work with small groups of 6-12 in order to provide a comfortable setting where you can learn new techniques and practice your delivery with timely feedback.

See 'Case Perfect Pitch' for an example of how we work >

' Technique is what you fall back on when you run out of inspiration. '
(R. Nureyev)

We have your challenges in mind

We tailor each session around your current communication challenges: whether you are about to deliver a new business sales pitch, have an internal staff engagement in mind, or are preparing for a specific event, we will build exercises that match the scenarios you'll face.

Part 1: The Compelling Communicator

For anyone communicating with colleagues and clients, internally and externally for your organisation. The goal for this 2 day course is to practice the tools and techniques of delivering clear communication with a memorable message:

  • Apply the 3 elements of a powerful message: Content, Structure and Delivery
  • Make the compelling case with 'great stories to tell'
  • Sharpen your awareness of self and others
  • Tune in to how people are convinced
  • Simplify for clarity and better results
  • Maximise the impact of your non-verbal communication
  • Practice for your 'elevator pitch' opportunity

Part 2: The Advanced Communicator

For anyone wishing to polish their communication to an advanced level.

The goals for this 2 day course are to deepen self-awareness, master the techniques to convince and deliver powerful presentations, and consider the requirements of a culturally diverse audience:

  • Build on the techniques from Part 1 (above). Develop confidence and competence and the unique skills required to lead your audience.
  • Begin to understand your behavioural preferences, choices, decisions and how these impact your communication patterns
  • Master the different patterns in communication and the various requirements relating to structure, content and delivery when you communicate with an international audience
  • Apply influential language and create strategies to build trust across borders
  • Learn how to use a Communication Planner

In a fast-moving world you have one chance to make the right first impression.

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