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What We Do


” I've worked here for over a decade and that's the most valuable training I've ever been on. Excellent execution. Thankyou! ”
-Global mobile phone provider

” The best 2 day lecture I’ve ever had the privilege to participate in. ”

” The best way to improve your presentation skills is to practise with the guidance from a true expert and with the feedback from your peers. This is what Nick and AJAN delivered to us in a superb way. ”
-Jukka Meklin, Kliento

The High Performing Individual

Coaching for Performance - From Average to Excellent

In sport, coaches work with athletes to channel potential by developing the right attitude, habits and confidence in order to achieve significant success. While the goals are different in business a similar journey is undertaken.

Coaching helps to organize your thoughts and priorities. It allows you to understand yourself better, to plan ahead and deliver tangible results. It will challenge and stretch you to be a more confident, effective performer and open up greater possibilities.

' The harder you work the luckier you get. ' (Gary Player)

Our Approach

We use a combination of some compelling new approaches as well as tried and tested techniques.

We suggest clients begin with a series of 6 coaching sessions and a personal profile or a 360 feedback profile to highlight strengths and development areas. Most then continue on a monthly basis or with one-off sessions as required.

We are all individuals and coaching can take place almost anywhere from your place of work to a long walk in inspiring surroundings. We all do our best thinking in different ways, at different times and in different physical surroundings... So whatever works for you in order to get the results you require.

See 'Case High Performing Individual' for an example of how we work >

' We help you to redefine your luck. ' (Annika Jyllilä-Vertigans)

Coaching for Individuals

Coaching can boost performance in a variety of different ways. Some of the people we're currently coaching include:

  • Executives with goals to enhance leadership and communication
  • First line managers with team leadership responsibilities
  • Project and Change Managers with process related challenges
  • Individual specialists with task responsibilities

Coaching for Teams

People can achieve more when they work effectively together. Some of the teams we're working with are looking at:

  • Team rules and managing performance and conflict
  • Cross cultural and communicational challenges
  • Solution management
  • Team climate and action planning

Consider your current performance, what do you not yet know about yourself? And what do you need to differently or better?

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Case Study: High Performing Individual >