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What We Do


” We spent two wonderful days with Nick at Markkinointi-instituutti some weeks ago studying presentation and selling skills. Approving and relaxing atmosphere, humor and good tips for presentations.
Thank you, Nick! ”
-Paula Ovaskainen, Cimcorp Oy

” Thank you for an inspiring course – again! ”

” AJAN consulting provided professional focused executive coaching that has given my staff and my business area a 'service edge' - strongly recommended. ”

High Performance Team

We help teams to pool individual talent into collective success stories

Being a part of a motivated group of people and working towards clear goals with a manager you trust and understand creates a positive cycle: People get interested in their work, they perform - and importantly - they stay.

Team leaders have an immensely important role to play in this. With the right attitude and appropriate tools we believe any manager can be effective in leading high performance.

' What do great teams have in common? '

Our Approach

We provide teams and team leaders with new perspectives and practical tools for performance improvement. Our first product is The A Team designed to help teams with different personalities and skills come together to enhance performance. Our second is The Manager's Master class, which focuses on the practical tools, techniques and behaviours needed to become a great manager, great enough in fact to manage the A Team.

See 'Case High Performance Teams' for an example of how we work >

The A Team

A 2-3 day tailored workshop for developing or established teams who wish to improve their performance.

1. Team Profile

We'll start by sharpening self/group awareness to understand what happens when things go well and not so well, and to understand what stage of development your team is at.

2. Communication / Relationships

We'll challenge your team to uncover the self-sabotage that might be blocking you from reaching harmony and high performance. Every high performing team will have occasional fall out and some very direct communication – we'll show you how to manage it effectively and turn it into a positive.

3. The 5 pillars of high performing teams

We'll show you how you're doing against the KPIs practiced by high performance teams and we'll apply some team exercises to enhance group communication and output.

4. Tangible results, visible difference

We guide you to agree and activate a set of team rules to live by. We will also help you devise a clear plan with appropriate measures of success. When people feel proud to be a part of a group they really perform and support each other: that's why it's important to think about team identity too.

Manager's Masterclass

A series of highly tailored coaching modules for individual managers or groups of managers from the same company.

By the end of the programme you'll feel more confident and competent, applying valuable tools for life:

1. Your role as a manager and a leader

Enhance self-awareness as well as your understanding of others. See your leadership as a brand, gain and give trust, flex your style to the situation, improve communication to convince and lead

2. Manage team performance

Learn how to effectively plan and set goals for your team, delegate and make decisions as well as manage arising conflicts

3. Strategies to communicate effectively

Create maximum impact with every communication using practical tools and techniques

You'll be coached to understand what truly motivates your team, delivering effective feedback to increase performance and your credibility

4. Managing self and priorities

We'll help you increase your effectiveness with time-management, action planning and performance-tracking skills.

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