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What We Do


”Customer service is the differentiator between winning and losing business. AJAN consulting provided professional, focused, executive coaching that has given my staff and my business area a 'service edge' - strongly recommended.”
-Bryn Thomas, Thomson Reuters

"We are very pleased with the customer experience training with AJAN Consulting. Nick created a very positive and personal atmosphere, which inspired our team to develop our communication and customer service skills. The learning has provided great practical help in different customer communication situations, since the training.” Tuomo Pesonen C.O.O. RELEX

The Customer Experience

Discover the difference between average and excellent customer service

In a world where innovative products and services can be duplicated quickly and effectively, people and service are the true differentiators between you and the competition.

Every organisation has its own unique way of serving customers. It is important to identify how your business sees its customers and how it would like to be seen by them in turn. According to studies it is 5 times more costly to win new customers than to keep existing ones happy.

How will you create life-long customer loyalty?

' Attitude is everything, choose to give great service. '

Our Approach

Our Insight and training will help you build a customer experience that fits with your brand and your business goals. We'll make sure your organisation is ready to deliver this experience to your customers.

Depending on your needs, we can offer you the full AJAN Customer Experience as detailed below OR if you require straightforward customer service skills training at this point, we're happy to offer our Drivers of Customer Experience workshop and Customer Service Skills training as stand- alone events.

See 'Case Customer Experience' for an example of how we work >

' Customer service that’s so good, your customers do the selling for you. '

The AJAN Customer Experience

For organisations who are rethinking their customer strategy:

  • Customer service health check: We start with an analysis of current performance; which can include both a customer and team satisfaction survey
  • We help you define your customer statement and strategy
  • We agree on an action plan with clear measurable targets for improvement
  • Test, measure and revisit the customer perspective
  • Create a best-practice framework with your organisation and customers in mind

' What are your customers saying about you today? '

The Drivers of Customer Experience - Workshop

For senior management teams, this workshop will cover elements including:

  • The business case for customer loyalty – why it makes sense to invest in customer service
  • Your brand defined within the customer cycle
  • The emotions behind great customer experiences
  • Internal and external service, and why your teams should care
  • Designing the elements of a winning customer strategy

Customer Service Skills training

Training tailored for customer-facing teams on all levels of your organisation.

Our 2 day interactive training package offers a practical toolkit to take back to your work and implement right away. Content is driven by you but you can expect us to mention some of these things:

  • Choosing the right customer service attitude
  • Identifying different customer types with specific requirements
  • Mastering the techniques to build rapport and trust
  • Increasing customer loyalty by effective handling of queries and complaints
  • Applying influential language to convince your customers
  • Understanding the non-verbal element of communication
  • Driving cross-cultural awareness in customer service

What are your customers saying about you today? What would you like them to be saying?

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