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” Many thanks to Nick for the excellent coaching! Honestly, the two days we spent together really made a difference. In some perverted way I was even able to enjoy my stage time (presenting) ”

” What a learning experience! Brilliant two days. Excellent tips and constructive feedback. ”

” Amazing, I learnt many things and I know I'm doing a better job. ”

Case Perfect Pitch


From 2010 to the present day, AJAN has worked with a series of highly skilled individuals from the world of art and culture to create the ‘compelling case’: in other words, selling your ideas in an inspiring way and positively influencing those around you.

Delegates ranged from publishers and agents from the literary world, to producers and agents in the performing arts, all the way through to curators and directors of museums and exhibition centres.


To sharpen the pitching skills for professionals in the literary, visual and performing arts' worlds, helping them convey the great stories of Finnish art and culture to international audiences.

Our delegates faced two key challenges:

Presentation and networking time at fairs and exhibitions is extremely tight, so snappy, clear and compelling introductions and elevator pitches are ever important.

Increasingly Finnish art is sold and promoted to - or financed by - international cooperative partners, so an understanding of how overseas contacts process information and communicate was an essential component of the learning.

What we did

Delegates were tasked to construct their upcoming pitch and fine tune their delivery using a series of tools and techniques to sharpen:

1)   The structure of an effective message

2)   The content - what to include and importantly what to leave out

3)   The delivery - how to convey the right meaning and build rapport and credibility through non-verbal communication

4)   The approach towards international audiences and cross cultural considerations.

The delegates then practiced in small groups and finally in front of the entire team. The quality of the balanced feedback throughout the 2-day workshop helped the participants to turn their rough diamonds into polished gems.


" Working with AJAN Consulting has been a pleasure. Annika and Nick are true professionals who know how to coach people to do their best and beyond.

We in TAIVEX admire their enthusiasm and dedication. Workshops for TAIVEX have all been very well planned - AJAN really take customer-oriented education to a new level.

Friendly and down to earth atmosphere in the workshops created an environment where learning has at the same time been very effective and fun. Feedback from our customers has been outstanding. Like one producer summarized after the workshop: "I didn´t only learn how to make a great pitch, I learned a lot about myself too". The feedback for AJAN was immensely positive and inspiring with specific mention to the practical nature and the fun atmosphere of the course. "

Nea Leo
Taivex Project Manager