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” I've worked here for over a decade and that's the most valuable training I've ever been on. Excellent execution. Thankyou! ”
-Global mobile phone provider

” The best 2 day lecture I’ve ever had the privilege to participate in. ”

” The best way to improve your presentation skills is to practise with the guidance from a true expert and with the feedback from your peers. This is what Nick and AJAN delivered to us in a superb way. ”
-Jukka Meklin, Kliento

Case High Performing Individual


Take one very busy senior partner of a tax law firm, managing a team of taxation experts, devising and selling innovative financial strategies for clients and juggling board work responsibilities. All of this while travelling regularly between Luxembourg and the Nordic region.


To develop the ‘people’ and ‘team’ element of his leadership performance to complement his focus on ‘getting the job done.’ Enhancing the quality and meaning of his communication with teams and customers would establish a leader with a positive presence.  He also wanted to sharpen his sales skills.

What we did

Awareness is everything and the first step towards performance improvement.

We kicked off with a 360 survey and a personal behavioural profile to gain insight and develop the self-awareness angle. We also looked into the future to consider the words and pictures people might use to describe our client as they looked back over his career.

We also used different locations for the coaching to allow for greater creativity and to take a different perspective on work. We took a fresh air approach in the first session, which inspired the client to take similar action with his team. Sometimes simple changes can make the biggest difference, so we worked on small step adjustments in leadership behaviour, including:

  • Actively listening to his team to understand where they’re coming from
  • Identifying how people get motivated, utilising strength areas as well as working the weaker ones
  • Providing effective feedback to build team members’ confidence and performance level


A series of 8 sessions enabled our client to build on some well-known and novel techniques to communicate more effectively with colleagues and clients. We also worked on being adaptable to those demanding and different situations where a leader is expected to operate seamlessly - whether that means a more consultative line with an employee or a direct instruction.

A learning log, prioritising work with his schedule and related reading helped to reinforce the positive change.

At the end of the programme the hard work was paying off:

"I feel that my personal brand has improved and also that I have been a much more effective salesperson after the training."

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