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” We spent two wonderful days with Nick at Markkinointi-instituutti some weeks ago studying presentation and selling skills. Approving and relaxing atmosphere, humor and good tips for presentations.
Thank you, Nick! ”
-Paula Ovaskainen, Cimcorp Oy

” Thank you for an inspiring course – again! ”

” AJAN consulting provided professional focused executive coaching that has given my staff and my business area a 'service edge' - strongly recommended. ”

Case High Performance Team

Project EU

This project involved working with a team of 15-20 specialists within the corporate services unit of this huge EU Agency.


A team of specialists were struggling to operate in different areas within the organisation. Each individual offered a unique, niche service such as event management or technical support for audio and video-conferencing services. It was important to establish a greater sharing of workflow, best practice and an understanding of each other’s’ roles in order to negate confusing, inconsistent service.


To ultimately support and challenge the Corporate Services Unit to deliver an excellent service to their customers.

1. Fuse the team together to develop a culture and rules in which clarity, trust and open communication would lead to greater performance and harmony. (So that they would perform more effectively as a group and devise clear team rules: clearly defined roles, goals, managing conflict, recognition and involvement were also hot spots. )

2. To formulate, communicate and deliver a clear service framework to the rest of the organisation, so that there would be complete clarity on who is responsible for what services.

What we did

People learn best by doing so we took a very practical approach to this programme. We started by giving them space to plan their vision for the future and some team building exercises to open the lines of honest communication and trust.

We practiced learning and communication style exercises to understand how team members have different requirements in communication, and looked closely at what high performing teams have in common. This led to the creation of clear, concrete steps with the team’s vision in mind.


The team agreed on a communications strategy for their customers; the wider organisation, including brochures, online instructions and rules, and poster campaigns to communicate the top 10 common project procedures. Scripts were designed for phone calls and face-to-face meetings, with a focus on delivering a great first impression and setting expectations.


"I am really happy to see such positive conclusions and proposals coming from my staff so, a big thank you for giving us the opportunity and the means to express them. Thanks for such quick feedback and also for such positive comments about our staff. We already had quite an intense debriefing and planning session yesterday afternoon to ensure that we don’t lose the positive momentum."

-Team Manager

"I had the opportunity to interact and share ideas and suggestions with colleagues; the coach was brilliant in communication."

-Team Member


We are very motivated to make a difference to people and teams and we’re looking forward to partnering with the EU again in 2013.

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