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” THANK YOU. Always nice to work with 110% professionals! ” - Aalto University, Helsinki

” thank you very much for the entertaining, fun and educational training event.
I have been on many, many courses during the last ten years, but your course was by far the best I have ever been on :) ” - global mobile phone company

" You have a way of delivering the training in a way that it really gets understood. I got very positive feedback from my whole team even though we occasionally had to step out of our comfort zones. And that probably was one of the key aspects during the training that enhanced our learning experience. You have tremendous experience and knowledge. I can recommend you and your services to anybody after working with you with no doubt." - Aarre Asikainen EXFO Nethawk Manager, Services 




Player Profiles

We draw on an extended team of excellent partners to help us design and deliver tailored solutions for you. To start the conversation and to find out how we can help, please contact either Nick or Annika.

Nick Vertigans

Nick VertigansNick is Director of Coaching and Training and co-founded AJAN in 2009. Nick is an experienced and accredited coach, trainer and keynote speaker from London. He is also a member and Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF) and Extended DISC™ facilitator as well as cross cultural communications trainer with Richard Lewis Communications and NLP Practitioner.

Nick’s background includes various leadership, management and consulting positions within Eurostar UK, Bloomberg LP and Thomson Reuters Ltd. He’s managed teams across EMEA and worked in Switzerland, The Nordic region, Germany and Poland. He brings practical insight to challenging situations and focuses on performance and results. His positive, engaging style allows people to feel comfortable to learn, test themselves and go back to work with a plan.

Nick is very interested in applying the elements of sports psychology into the business world. He tries not to mention football too much and wishes he knew more about wine instead. He conquered Mount Snowdon as a kid, but got the train back down.

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Annika Jyllilä-Vertigans

Annika Jyllilä-VertigansAnnika is Managing Director and founding member of AJAN Consulting. With an MSc in International Business and Management, Annika has both a theoretical and practical grasp of cross cultural management: in her past she has lead teams based in the UK, Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa as well as holding business development responsibilities in 44 countries across EMEA.

Annika also holds a Board Member position at Serres Oy since 1997 and has great passion for board work development. Annika is an NLP Practitioner, holds a Richard Lewis Cross Cultural Trainer-certificate and has completed HHJ with the Chamber of Commerce, Helsinki.

Annika conquered Kilimanjaro a long time ago and has since tamed down her hobbies of scuba, skydiving and 3 day eventing to pilates, which suits the mother of two much better.

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