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Sep 11, 2013 / General

Seed Forum Helsinki is scheduled for 15.10 and in preparation, 15 smart start-ups took up the challenge of Seed Forum's pitch training this week. The companies were nominated to attend and the aim was to provide 'investor ready Born Global' companies.

The companies were challenged to craft a compelling and convincing pitch to compliment their brilliant business ideas, as well as being advised how to fundraise effectively and to reduce the risk on investment for investors.

All this stacked up to the start ups designing a sharp and highly professional pitch.

Start ups were challenged to deliver a 30 second power pitch as well as a 7 minute pitch which are the 2 requirements for attending the Seed Forum event.

The simple aim was to sharpen their message of what they do, what problem they are solving as well as their value drivers. The training also included insight into effective networking and negotiation techniques with potential investors as well as exit strategies.

Only 7 or 8 of the companies will make it through to the big event on 15.10. Shame really, they were all very good!