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What We Do


" Transformational coaching experience, I feel I have landed " - Mari Peltomaki, Project Manager, Aviapolis Development Group

" The DISC analysis you proposed was an excellent tool especially for me as a team leader in order to understand how we work as a team and what kind of chemistry we have inside team, it helps me to identify areas I need to put more focus on, in future." EXFO Nethawk

” Thank you for excellent course and your valuable feedback! ” OMX Helsinki listed company




Shape your Performance

We guide individuals and teams to develop successful habits.

This means creating a compelling customer experience that's so good; customers do the selling for you. Or mastering the techniques for a more effective sales pitch to create genuine engagement and opportunity. Or sharpening leadership skills to motivate and inspire, so that one day your team will describe you as, 'the best I've ever worked with...'

We deliver learning that you can put into practice today and we work on meaningful change so that people can feel the improvement in what they do.

We typically operate in these 4 areas:


Perfect Pitch   Customer Experience
High Performance Team High Performing Individual